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Types of Signage that Will Make Your Event Successful

Holding an event is one of the most effective activities in a marketing strategy. You reach your audience in a direct and enjoyable way, and create wonderful memories to establish fruitful contacts for your company.

So, knowing how to promote your brand with custom signage is perhaps the most complicated part. However, discovering all the secrets involved in getting it right is beneficial because it allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition. Read on to learn how to create an outstanding visual experience for your events!


An amazing custom banner is one of the best and most popular strategies to promote your brand during an event. Banners can last for a long time, more than a year with proper care. So, it is a great cost-effective solution that allows you to market your business with a relatively small investment.


Flags are perfect to promote your brand in a simple and effective way. They are one of the most used advertising exterior signage tools at events. They can be placed anywhere to stand out even more, leave an impression on potential customers, and give you a unique creative opportunity to highlight your brand over others.

A-Frame Sidewalk Sign

This is one of the best alternatives to make your business and brand identity known in a simple way, improving your customer traffic and increasing brand recognition. Also, it is a very affordable solution to promote your products and services to a large number of customers quickly.

Modular Displays

This is one of the most versatile solutions for events. With modular displays, you can promote your products and services in a smart, economical, and easy way to reach the public effectively… and at Peak Custom Graphics in Westminster, CO; we have the best team to help you prepare your business brand identity to attend events!


Good custom signage is key to keep all potential customers aware of your business. In fact, effective exterior signage is key to create brand awareness, position yourself as an expert in an area, increase brand visibility, improve brand image, and much more! Contact us and succeed at any events with outstanding graphics!

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