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Tips For Exterior Signage Placement

The location of your exterior signage is one of the most important parts to be seen by more people. That's why choosing a suitable location will make all the difference. So, getting custom signage outdoors is a critical element of your marketing strategy to promote your brand - and you need the help of specialists for its placement and maintenance. Read on to find out more!

The More Creative the Better

Unlike other marketing strategies, exterior signage is designed to be enjoyed by the public while they are doing other activities such as driving the car, walking down the street, shopping, or waiting for public transportation. So, only with enough creativity, it can draw enough attention. What attracts people's eyes instinctively are originality and out-of-the-ordinary texts and images, capable of stimulating the imagination – and at Peak Custom Graphics, that’s what we love doing: we create bold designs!

Short but Attractive Texts

People are often in a hurry in public places. It is essential to find a text that is short and easy to understand, but capable of capturing the public's attention. For this reason, you need to convey your brand value proposition in just a few words to get more sales. So, you'll need the help of marketing specialists to help you get your message delivered the right way!

Eco-Friendly Printing

People's interests have changed a lot, and now they are concerned about the ethics of companies. That's why it is important that your exterior signage is environmentally friendly. And you need to look for a company that uses environmentally friendly materials to be considered an ethical company for your customers.

Size Matters

Make sure that your custom signage can be seen well from a distance and that anyone can read it. That's why you should consider its size for outdoor environments. Otherwise, your message will not reach your target audience efficiently. So, visibility is one of the first criteria to consider when placing your exterior signage.


Your options for custom signage are basically unlimited. You just have to have the ideal concept for your brand and consider the objectives of your audience for placing your advertising items. Get in touch with us to get a good strategy for your exterior signage placement!

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