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Signage Solutions for Outdoor Events

If you are planning the launch of a new product, or you want passersby to notice your business from a distance, it is essential to catch their attention with appropriate exterior signage.

For outdoor events such as concerts, trade fairs, sports competitions, promotional events, or exhibitions; you need to effectively promote your brand. So, read on to learn the best practices when using sing for outdoor events with Peak Custom Graphics in Westminster, Colorado!

High Contrast Color Scheme Signs

Having custom signage that attracts the attention of your potential customers increases the chances of converting them into your real customers. For this reason, you will need exterior signage such as flags, banners, A-frame sidewalk signs, tents, billboards, and much more. But, make sure they have the color of your brand to give a consistent message. Pick the right color with some contrast to highlight your value proposition and brand identity. This way, your brand will stay in your customers’ minds for longer.

Large Format Graphics

To attract more customers to your business, get outdoor signage that generates an initial interest in your prospects. You can create custom signage in a large visual format such as custom vinyl banners that inform your customers about your proposal. However, you can make a high-quality large format print with wood, glass, plastic among many other materials depending on your needs.

Weather Resistance and Durability

Using custom signs with the best materials is essential. If the materials are not the right ones, they may not withstand the weather for long, and your signage will be damaged quickly. This would affect your brand message and even your reputation. That's why you should contact experts with a great track record to provide you with high-quality materials and impeccable design to enhance your products and services during your outdoor event.

Wide Range of Designs

To make the best decision for your business needs, hire a company with a wide range of possibilities for your outdoor signage. bold, innovative, and eye-catching designs will help you convert more leads into customers, and with custom outdoor signage, you'll be able to reach your target audience easily.


At Peak Custom Graphics, we take care of your visual marketing strategy with all kinds of print solutions such as custom signage, interior signage, exterior signage, vehicle wraps, and more. You can increase brand awareness and promote your services and products with spectacular designs for your outdoor event. So, if you need exterior signage to catch people's attention and invite them to come inside. Get a quote today!

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