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In addition to designing some of the best business signage around, Peak Custom Graphics offers personalized service and complete project management from estimate through sign installation. We have supported many businesses and organizations throughout Colorado with quality sign services that are designed to help them grow. You can trust our sign experts to assist you through every step of the sign manufacturing process from choosing the best interior or exterior signage for your application all the way to sign repair and maintenance.

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    We Are Proud to Offer The Following Services to Your Business

    • Sign Installation

    • Sign Repair & Maintenance

    • Permits and Planning

    • Eco-friendly Printing

    • Site Surveys

    • National Project Management

    • And so much more

    Custom Outdoor Channel Letter Electronic Signs in Denver

    Sign Services Denver

    Having the right signage is an essential tool for attracting business, branding your company, and ensuring that you are compliant with all local laws. From a simple banner to a large electric sign that lights up the night sky, having eye-catching business signage is sure to help generate more business. However, determining which sign is right for your business and ensuring it will last can take some time and professional input.

    Fortunately, at Peak Custom Graphics, we make things easy for our clients. Our highly experienced team will handle the coordination, production, permitting, installation, maintenance, and repair of the signage you invest in for your business or brand. Whatever your vision, our sign services will help guide you through the process and assist in making the best decisions for your business.

    Sign Installation

    Eye-catching signage sends a strong message to the audience, and when properly installed, it can support the business goals of any organization. Some signs are simple enough that you can install them on your own. Others, however, require special tools, equipment, and expertise. We provide sign installation services to ensure that your signs are safely and properly installed.
    Personalize Channel Letter Outdoor Business Sign

    Sign Repair and Maintenance

    When it comes to gaining mass exposure for your business, brand, or organization company, regular sign maintenance services on your indoor and outdoor signs are essential. Additionally, there may come a time when your sign becomes damaged and needs repair. To ensure your signage stays in tip-top shape, our signage experts offer signage repair and maintenance services.

    Custom LED Neon Sign for Computer Repair

    Permits and Planning

    Our experienced staff is highly-knowledgeable in the local sign code requirements and local sign bylaws. We provide complete sign permitting services including the necessary planning to ensure there are no roadblocks along the way. We’ll research the local requirements of your business, handle the completion of sign application forms for you, and handle the entire permitting process.
    Permits and Planning Local Sign in Westminster

    Site Surveys

    Unlike other sign shops, we offer professional sign survey services for our clients. Our experts will schedule a day and time to visit your site, providing you professional site surveying services. We’ll also answer any questions that you may have and advise you on the best ways to move forward with your project. We’ve worked on a lot of projects, and we’re always willing to contribute to your project and provide you the best insights.
    Wooden Outdoor Business Sign for Coffee Cafe

    National Project Management

    Need signage for your business with multiple locations? No sweat! From creating viable sign specifications and build standards, to cross-country installations, we can handle it all. No matter where your businesses are located, our project managers will work closely with you to ensure a smooth rollout through design all the way to the installation part of the process.
    Interior Dimensional Letters Sign for Comedy Cafe

    Eco Friendly Printing

    At Peak Custom Graphics, we strive to run our Denver sign shop with a commitment to sustainable business practice. As part of that commitment, we’re always seeking the latest in eco-friendly signage printing and services. We are proud to offer our customers and clients eco-friendly printing options.

    Exterior Custom Banners for Thank You

    Exterior Signage For All of Your Business or Facility Needs

    Getting exterior signage designed, manufactured, and installed by a professional sign company is an effective and affordable way to boost brand awareness and visibility to both potential new and existing customers. If you are interested in learning more about the exterior sign solutions right for your business, contact us!

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