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What Is LED Signage?

LED display signs are electronic signs made up of a matrix of individual LED lights that, when lit in a certain fashion, create images, text, or video. LED lights are placed closely together and from far away the gap is indistinguishable between the pixels, resulting in the desired image. Digital displays, digital billboards, and electronic signs for businesses of all kinds rely on LED lights to set them apart from the rest. Keep in mind that LED signs are a great choice for businesses when choosing custom electronic signs because they last longer than other types of lit signs and use less energy.

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    Types of LED Signs

    LED-lit signs can be used for indoor and outdoor electronic signs. Outdoor signs are typically larger and designed to attract customers from far away. Indoor electronic signs are meant for close-up interaction. These can include anything from neon LED signage in a window to portable electronic message boards and touch screen kiosks. LED signs also come in single or multiple color options, making your logo and information even more attractive. Additionally, you can even choose a double-sided LED sign to get even more attention from every angle.

    Custom Outdoor Channel Letter Electronic Signs in Denver

    Uses of LED signs

    A flat panel LED display can be used outside, making it easy to see in daytime light as well as at nighttime. These can be used to interact with only one visitor at a time or to provide advertisements and information to everyone in a large area.

    Sports complexes use LED signs for promotions and scores, and as a way, for fans to interact with social media. Public information like weather conditions, road work, and Amber Alerts can be displayed as we travel down highways. Additionally, restaurants use LED signs custom-made for promotions and interactive menus. The list of possibilities goes on and on and for a good reason. So, use LED signs for durable, long-lasting branding for your business.

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    Cost of LED Signs

    We understand that you need access to electronic signs in Denver that offer you the best value for your investment. The cost of the LED signs you need will vary based on size, the number of signs you need, and their purpose. When you choose to invest in LED signs, you get back control over what you want to say to customers and when you want to say it. That’s especially true when using electric message boards on the premise. LED signs allow you to target the size and scope of the audience you want to reach, and the cost-efficiency needed to meet your budget.

    You may have a lot of questions and clarifications when it comes to LED custom signage for your business needs. Peak Custom Graphics of Denver has all your answers.

    Contact us today for a quote and we will take all the guesswork and worry out of LED signage that will speak volumes for your business or organization.

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