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What Are Environmental Branding Graphics?

Office branding is not limited to a company’s logo. It also includes everything that represents the company. From the way your advertisements reach out to consumers to how your establishment is decorated, all of these reflect the brand as a whole.

Environmental graphics are carefully curated marketing tools that consistently highlight your branding qualities and complement the details of your office interior. Unlike your average signs, these are made with the bigger picture in mind. This progressive strategy brings numerous advantages to your business, such as creating a one-of-a-kind and memorable customer experience.


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    Most Common Types of Environmental Signs in Denver

    • Lobby signs: These environmental branding signage solutions welcome and greet clients from the moment they step inside the facility. These signs put your brand’s best foot forward and set the tone of the ambiance. They also help create a positive and lasting first impression. Aside from your trademark, you can also include important details that customers should know right away, such as your company policies.
    • Wall murals and decals: These beautiful signs are perfect for displaying your corporate office branding. From abstract art that features your signature design elements to full-color images of your ads. They are also great for narrating the company’s history, recognizing important leaders of the business, illustrating your production process, and more.
    • Wayfinding signs: Instead of just indicating your standard directional cues, these signs are made to look seamless with your office interior design. Not only are they visually impressive, but they are actually functional as well.
    • Floor stickers: These signs enable you to maximize your establishment’s available space. They add another layer of character and pizzazz to your modern office interior design. They also have many practical uses, such as reminding customers about social distancing.
    Interior Lobby Signs by Peak Custom Graphics

    Benefits of Environmental Branding

    • Foster deeper connections with your audience: Who are you and what makes you stand out? This is just one of the many things that you can tell customers through branded environment design. When people feel connected to your brand, they are more likely to support and buy your products or services.
    • Increase employee satisfaction: Modern office designs and signs create a workplace that is more conducive for productivity. Something as simple as motivational words on the walls can help keep your employees happy.
    • Promote orderliness, safety, and convenience: When people are informed about potential hazards in your facility, guided on which direction to go to arrive at a certain area, and reminded about the importance of behaving in certain ways, there will be fewer accidents and unhappy customers.
    Frosted Acrylic Outdoor Sign for CUBIKEN Engineering Services

    Your Top Office Design Company in Denver

    Peak Custom Graphics specializes in creating modern office signs that are fully customized according to your needs, goals, and budget. As one of the leading environmental graphic design firms in Denver, we make sure to incorporate foolproof marketing concepts and utilize top-grade materials when producing your signs. In other words, you can feel confident that your signage investments are in the right hands.

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