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Business signs are essential investments in every brick-and-mortar facility in Denver. Depending on their type, design, illumination, and installation, they can offer all kinds of benefits to your business. For example, putting up commercial awnings is a fantastic way to beautifully showcase your trademark while shielding customers from rain, snow, or the heat of the sun.

However, not all corporate signs are made the same. Some companies create them using generic templates and a little strategy, not considering their clients’ unique brand personalities or business objectives.

The good news is that Peak Custom Graphics produces visual communication solutions that are fully customized to meet your needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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    Advantages of Investing in Denver Custom Signs

    Listed below are a few reasons why having custom signs is crucial to your growing company:

    • Create a branded environment to improve employee productivity
    • Effectively communicate your message through visually impressive signs that appeal to your specific target market
    • Showcase your branding requirements, such as your color palette, font, and logo
    • Boost customers’ perceived trust with professionally-made visual communication tools
    • Create a positive and lasting impression that will affect the brand preferences and purchase decisions of clients
    • Gain a competitive edge with one-of-a-kind signage solutions

    Popular Custom Signs in Denver

    Reception area signs

    A great way to create an unforgettable customer experience from the moment they enter your establishment is by putting up lobby signs that emphasize the brand's best or most unique qualities. These business signs also meet the expectations set by your outdoor visual marketing tools. When customers see them, they will feel confident that your company is reputable and that your products or services are high-quality.

    Complexion Medical SPA Reception Signage for Interior Space
    Custom Directional Signage for People of Denver

    Directional signs

    If you want to show customers that you value their time, safety, and convenience, you must put up directories, room labels, and other wayfinding cues so they can easily find their way around your facility. These tools also speed up the purchase decision process, resulting in more opportunities to make a sale.

    Custom wall decals

    Pre-made decals that can be purchased online might be tempting to some because they are convenient. However, keep in mind that these might not complement your branding requirements, available space, and goals. Instead, you must invest in customized wall graphics that check everything on your list.

    Custom Wall Decals for Welcoming People in a Unique Way
    Custom Vinyl Banner for Storefronts

    Customized vinyl banners

    High-quality and impactful banners help you make a statement when attending tradeshows and other corporate events. These are portable, easy to store, and reusable. With the right design, you can help your sales team generate leads, highlight the benefits of your products or services, close deals, and cement your brand.

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    Our Custom Sign Process

    After the initial consultation, we conduct ocular assessments to better understand your existing marketing strategies and observe your customers’ in-store behaviors. This allows us to identify the type of signs that will add value to your business. From there, our talented artists will incorporate your branding requirements and other strategic design elements that match your interior or exterior design and that help communicate your message. By using top-grade materials and equipment, your customized signs will look impressive and last for a long time. After the fabrication phase, our professional installers will skillfully and meticulously put up your signs according to your preferences.

    Mesh Banner Signage for Business

    Your #1 Denver Signage Partner: Commercial Signs That Are Tailored to Your Needs

    Peak Custom Graphics is committed to helping your company succeed through highly effective and practical signage solutions. We take pride in prioritizing the satisfaction of our clients when producing custom-made signs, which is why we follow a customer-centric approach in all the projects we work on.

    Are you ready to invest in some of the best custom signs in Denver? Give us a call today!


    What is a custom sign?

    A custom sign is created when we work with you to take your logo, brand, marketing message, colors, and fonts to design a sign that meets your specific desires and requirements. An entire selection of custom signs is often part of a tailored signage program.

    How much is a custom sign?

    The final cost of your custom sign will depend on many factors, including its size, type of materials, design, and what it intended to accomplish. However, a well-designed and constructed custom sign is a marketing investment rather than an expense since it provides a long-term return on that one-time investment.

    What types of custom signs are available to me?

    The only restriction to the type of custom sign you select for your business is possible zoning and landlord requirements. Other than that limitation, our team will take your concept and desires and work with you to achieve the most effective custom sign that fits your needs and budget.

    Where can I buy custom signage in Denver, CO?

    Any sign shop will stock some signs, but our dedicated and creative team at Peak Custom Graphics will ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck when you select us for your custom sign. Some of the most impressive and effective signs in the Denver area were created in our shops, and we will work to deliver that same creativity and quality with your signs.

    If I have special color matching needs, can Peak Custom Graphics still help?

    Absolutely! When it comes to custom, we mean what that word means. We will tailor your sign to your specific requirements, including the materials, design, and colors.

    How long will my sign last?

    A well-built sign will deliver a long-term dependable service. How many years it lasts will depend on several factors, including how much extreme weather it endures, the materials used for construction, and proper maintenance. Our signs are always engineered and constructed to give you the best performance for the greatest value.

    Do you only make signs?

    If your needs have anything to do with branding your message with signs, graphics, banners, or any other similar marketing medium, including interior, exterior, and vehicles, you can depend on us.

    Where can custom signs be used?

    Stop and think about all the signs you have seen on buildings, poles, monuments, walls, windows, doors, vehicles – any surface you can imagine. These are all the places and more where our team has helped Denver-area businesses place custom signs.

    How long does it take to get a sign made?

    Your custom sign will be designed to meet your specific requirements, including time constraints. The simplest custom vinyl signs can sometimes be made overnight; the most sophisticated may require several weeks to several months. You will help us choose the time it takes for your sign.

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