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As required by U.S. federal law, ADA signage describes signs designating building rooms, places, or features. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which forbids discrimination against people with disabilities, was published in 1990 by the Department of Justice. The 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design(SAD), which were issued, include the ADA sign regulations that are in effect today.

All public buildings in the United States, including companies, apartments, offices, and even homes with visiting customers or staff, are generally required to have ADA placards at every entry. ADA signage is occasionally needed in both interior and exterior areas in addition to doors.

Types of ADA signs

Identification, informational, directional, and overhead signs are the four primary types of signage regulated by ADA requirements.

Identification- Signs that identify a room, space, or area

Informational- Signs that give information about a room, space, or area. 

Directional- Signs that give direction to a room, space, or area.

Overhead signs- Wall, ceiling, and projection type signages mounted overhead


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    Uses of ADA signs

    The function of ADA signs is to enable persons with visual impairments to see the text on signs indicating bathrooms, changing rooms, stairwells, elevators, and a variety of other functional rooms. ADA signs are designed to be readily read both visually and by tactile contact using braille.

    Custom ADA signs

    Make sure that any new restroom signage you purchase for your establishment complies with the ADA's rules and regulations (ADA). If you purchase signage that does not adhere to ADA guidelines, you risk the danger of running into several issues.

    Whether the toilet is for men, women, or all genders, we can create custom ADA-compliant restroom signage for your building or business. We can design a sign just for you that will blend in with any building. In the workplace, ADA compliance is essential for productivity as well as security.

    Custom ADA Restroom Wall Signage for Offices

    Braille signs

    Braille is a tactile reading and writing technique utilized by blind and visually impaired individuals who would not have access to written information otherwise. Braille employs raised dots to represent the alphabet and other components of written language.

    The phrase "braille signage" refers to tactile ADA signage. According to ADA sign standards, all permanent building rooms and areas must be marked with tactile ADA signs.

    Braille tactile signage is required to fulfill ADA signage regulations for public and commercial buildings in the United States. From toilets and elevators to exits and stairwells, braille signs are everywhere.

    Frosted Acrylic Outdoor Sign for CUBIKEN Engineering Services
    Frosted Acrylic Outdoor Sign for CUBIKEN Engineering Services

    ADA bathrooms signs

    Most states require tactile and braille restroom signage to be put next to the bathroom door and ADA-compliant restroom signs to be affixed to the bathroom door. To guarantee that your facility complies with the ADA's rules, all restroom signage should be designed according to the act’s specifications. An example of this is a wall sign that must have braille along with its text and/or symbol. On the other hand, the door signage must never incorporate braille since it would be harmful to a person with visual impairment to touch braille to read it on the door because someone may simultaneously open the door.

    ADA braille signs

    ADA braille signs are no longer just present in hotels, workplaces, and hospitals. If your institution offers a snack area, a gift shop, waiting rooms, a fitness center, mail rooms, or even a place for coats, then ADA stipulates that you must put in place a tactile braille sign.

    Frosted Acrylic Outdoor Sign for CUBIKEN Engineering Services

    ADA signage in Denver

    If you are looking for an ADA signage maker in Denver, Peak Custom Graphics is the answer. When it comes to ADA signage, we will work with you to achieve your goals. 

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