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You put a lot of thought into your company’s logo. Acrylic signs let others know who you are and what you stand for. Whether you are displaying that logo on the exterior or interior of your building, you want it to look spectacular. Acrylic office signs offer you a way to showcase your brand message in full color and with the quality of a photograph.

What Are Acrylic Signs?

Acrylic signs often referred to as clear or frosted plexiglass signs, are an economical way to create elegant signage that stands up to even the harshest environmental conditions.

They are made of durable polymer materials that are colorless, transparent, and formed into plastic sheets that offer the clear quality of glass. Because acrylic is flexible and strong and lighter than glass, it creates beautiful signage for businesses.

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    Types of Acrylic Signs

    Because of the versatility of acrylic, you have a variety of options in designing your custom acrylic signs. You can create a design that speaks volumes to customers with these different options.

    Acrylic comes in sheets that are flexible and provide a limitless canvas on which to place your information. Standard print signs are printed on the front of a sheet of acrylic. This option makes for a sleek design with a matte finish. A longer-lasting option is a second surface print. With this style, the logo or design is printed on the back of the sheet of acrylic in reverse. The elements don’t disturb the print in any way.
    One of the favored characteristics of acrylic is the ability to have the look of glass at a fraction of the price. Clear acrylic can be used on a sign to give it a glass finish. Using clear acrylic signage will give your logo a sophisticated, high-gloss look. For an alabaster finish, you can choose frosted acrylic for a frosted wall sign look.

    Finally, individual graphics, characters, letters, or numbers can be laser-cut and formed into your desired design for a more individualized look. These characters can then be mounted directly on a surface with placement being part of the desired finish.
    Colored acrylics add another layer of individuality to your sign. Give your acrylic wall sign a glamorous feel with gold acrylic. Additionally, a logo printed on black acrylic gives a touch of class to your signage.

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    Uses for Acrylic Signs

    A business or organization needs a plethora of signs to advertise, direct, and inform visitors and employees in and out of the building. You won’t have to worry about the number of signs you need when choosing economical acrylic signage. These can be used for exterior signs that attract people or inform them of your location. They can be used inside the building to decorate, provide directions, and label areas and safety equipment.

    Cost of Acrylic Signs

    The bottom line is always a consideration for any company. Acrylic is a fraction of the price of glass. Because acrylic comes in varying sizes and thicknesses, as well as colors, it is helpful to work with professionals to relay exactly what you want and need and let them provide prices to consider.

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    Plexiglass in Denver

    Each and every element of your business make an impression on potential and existing clients. Let our professional acrylic sign makers in Denver help you create signage that places you at the top of your industry.

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